Maintenance, repair and installation of your wastewater systems

Blockages and undetected problems with your pipework – gutters, rainwater run-offs, bathroom, sewers and drains – have the potential to cause a significant amount of disruption and damage to your premises.

This is why our drain clearance and CCTV surveys are such a vital part of the regular maintenance service we offer our clients.

So, no matter whether you need a blockage cleared in a hurry or to discuss how our annual drainage maintenance contracts can keep your school, university, office or other commercial premises free from pipework problems, contact us today.

We have you covered:

  • Member of the BESA (Building and Engineering Services Association),
  • Education and public sector specialists

  • SafeContractor approved

  • Clients have included: The London Borough of Newham, Middlesex University, The Metropolitan Police

Pipe Maintanence

Drain Blockage Clearance

Water and waste runs through your building through an intricate web of internal and external pipework connecting baths, showers, sinks, toilets/urinals, gutters and sewers with their respective run-offs. Leave that system of pipes and pumps for long enough and residue, debris or sludge will build up, pipes will degrade, and blockages will occur.

Your first sign may be a loss of pressure or sewage flowing across your warehouse floor, but in all cases you’ll need to identify the source of the problem fast and clear it. We have the manpower, the chemicals and the high-pressure water jet equipment to deal with any blockage quickly, safely and completely.

Lighting Your Business

Pipe Repairs

From the repair or replacement of a section of broken or collapsed pipework to the installation of a completely new drainage system with all the relevant excavation work completed safely and in compliance with the relevant codes and regulations, our team are ready to help. Pipes can fail for any number of reasons, but our engineers will investigate the causes, identify the solutions and fix what needs fixing as rapidly as possible to minimise your downtime. And for any resulting surface water or waste we have a tanker unit we can call on to pump it away.

Protecting Your Premises

CCTV and Maintenance

There are two primary times when a CCTV survey is needed, during a pipework repair when we’d need to identify the cause of the problem and the extent of the damage, and as part of the annual maintenance of your pipework to look for blockages, potential blockages, corrosion and leaks. You will receive a copy of the survey footage and a written report on the condition of your pipework along with recommendations for any work needed. Maintenance, post-survey, will often include a pressure clean to reduce the risk of future blockages.

Lighting Your Business

Emergency Service

We always offer a quick service, but there are some draining problems that require a more rapid response and that’s where our emergency service kicks in. Call us and we’ll be with you within hours to find the cause of the problem and to swiftly and decisively deal with it. Don’t wait for it to get worse; call in your emergency response draining engineers.

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