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As Thames Water Approved Plumbers you can be assured that all our work is completed to the highest of standards. So, whether you require the installation of an entirely new system, breathing new life into one that’s been out of commission for some time, or you are refurbishing your old one, we’re the team for the job.

We have you covered:

  • Member of the BESA (Building and Engineering Services Association),
  • Education and public sector specialists

  • SafeContractor approved

  • Clients have included: The London Borough of Newham, Middlesex University, The Metropolitan Police

Installation Experts

Plumbing installation

A few of the other alterations and installations we carry out include replacing cold water storage tanks, gas-fired hot water systems, plate heat exchangers, cold water booster sets, or anything else to do with the plumbing in your commercial, laboratory, office, factory, school building.

Protect and Maintain Piping

Hot and cold water services maintenance

The maintenance of your hot and cold water system is important to the health of all those who use your building because if left untreated, bacteria can start to multiply. Also, debris, sediment, scale, corrosion and biofilm can build up that will impact on the efficient running of your water system. It is important, therefore, to carry out a hot and cold water conditions survey annually to look for any signs of the above and to prevent the build-up on Legionella or E. coli in your system. RPZ valves also need to be tested each year to make sure they are working properly and this can only be carried out by engineers, like ours, who are WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Service) approved.

Water Testing & Maintanence

Legionella Control Services

Legionella bacteria are found in water systems and the possibility of catching Legionnaires’ disease strikes fear into the public at large. While illness resulting from Legionella may be rare, the bacteria can take hold and multiply quite easily – in redundant pipework, where limescale builds up, or when temperatures are allowed to rise to optimum growth levels. This is why it’s so important to have our team of Legionella specialists available to undertake regular testing (with our UKAS approved laboratories), analysis, sampling (to BS 7592) and risk assessments to recommend actions for Legionella risk management. Should it be needed, our qualified engineers can also carry out any and all maintenance and repair work to your water systems.

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